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FreedOM's Echo
Wellness Shop
4 Pastor Street
56170 quiberon


ouverture exceptionnelle le
28 Mai 2028
fermeture Pentecôte
le lundi 29

!!! La Boutique sera fermé du 11 Juin au 4 Juillet Inclus !!!

Welcome to our wellness shop

where you will discover 2 entreprenuers:

Les Sons de la Vie and à la Bonne Heure du Coeur.

Each company offers different but complementary products. Come and discover our multi facetted universe!

The Sounds of Life
with Olivier LE MELEDO




  • Collective Sound Bath  from 3 to 10 people
  • Individual Sound Massage
    or as a couple
  • Tibetan Bowls  7 Metals 
  • Handpans and Hangdrums
  • Gongs  from 20cm to 90cm   

  • More than 40 different Chimes 

  • Intuitive Instruments:
    thunder box,  Didgeridoo, Rain Stick
    Kalimbas, Tingshas, bells

  • Organic Essential Oils
    Altho Laboratory

  • 70 kinds of Pendulums 

  • Artisanal Gift Ideas

à la Bonne Heure du Coeur

with Marët HAWLEY  

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